Real Plants VS Fake plants

In recent years, people have become more cognizant of the need to improve the indoor air quality in their homes and offices, and to select sustainable materials perfect for their décor. However, most homeowners and office managers are still undecided of whether to include replica plants or actual greenery in their spaces. This article outlines some of the benefits and drawbacks of fake plants and real plants, to help you make an informed choice.

Real plants

Be it in a yard, a building or even an aquarium, real plants offer authenticity and a unique look to the environment. In aquariums, they provide fish with the required nutrients. Outside, the plants provide a soothing appearance. And inside, they jazz up your interior design. Needless to say, greeneries need regular maintenance. Apart from watering them daily, you have to apply fertilizers, change the soil, and keep pests away.

Plants also need sunlight, and if they are in aquariums, you have to add the required nutrients and switch on the light for several hours every day. Therefore, though live plants are beautiful, it is imperative to know something about them and keep them alive by offering proper care.


  1. There is a feeling of satisfaction in ensuring the plant’s survival
  2. The plants can liven up any ambience and blend more naturally compared to artificial plants
  3. Real plants are actually real and their looks are no match to those of fake plants


  1. Expenses on pesticides, fertilizers etc., may be incurred
  2. Live plants need a lot of maintenance to stay in good health and condition
  3. They can’t survive different climates. Therefore, it’s important to choose a plant according to where you want to plant it or where you live.

Artificial plants

These days, artificial plants resemble actual greeneries quite well, in terms of colours and textures. Different materials, including silks, plastics and other fabrics are used to make fake plants. These plants can be cleaned periodically to make them look new and they don’t require sunlight. So they can be put anywhere, whether outdoors or indoors, to add the required touch or colour of greenery.

When it comes to synthetic plants, you can find any type and colour of plant you like. Since no fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides and watering are needed to maintain these plants, they can be said to be eco-friendly. Additionally, man-made plants, like seen on the Artificial Plant Shop, don’t require periodic trimming and changing of the soil. So they are maintenance-free, apart from occasional cleaning to remove the dust.

There is a wide selection of faux plants ideal for aquariums. These options are perfect if you’re not willing to spend money and time to take care of real aquarium plants. However, no matter how realistic artificial plants are made to look, they are still fake greeneries. For someone who’s trained to differentiate between artificial and live plants, it will be obvious which is which.


  1. Easy to maintain
  2. Quite durable
  3. Can be placed anywhere, and in any climate


  1. Will get dusty
  2. Quite expensive
  3. These plants lack authenticity; therefore they look boring and fake.
Real Plants VS Fake plants