DIY Building A Wine Rack

Want to make a functional and stylish wine rack?

Building a wine rack is a fun and easy project for wine lovers. The project takes a day or two to complete, depending on how detailed and large you’d like your rack to be. The best part is, a home-built wine rack is much cheaper than one bought from the store. Similarly, it fits your space and your style perfectly. But how do you really make one?

All you need to do is tool up, check out several wine rack plans and follow these steps.

1. Establish location

First, identify the location of your wine rack. It may be a corner in the garage, under the stairs, or a specially built and insulated room. This space should be large enough to house your wine rack and leave some room for the expansion of your wine collection. The area must also be dim with minimal disturbance and vibration and have ideal conditions for wine storage and ageing – usually 13°C and 60% relative humidity.

2. Assemble tools and materials

Necessary tools include a rail gun; tape measure; power mitre saw; drill bits; hole saw; electric drill; a router; table saw; pocket jig, and 1⁄2 inch round-over bit.

Required materials include plywood, 1⁄2 inch wood screws, 3⁄4 inch plywood, and 1×4 poplar.

These tools & materials can be assembled from your local Bunnings or Home Timber & Hardware.

3. Take measurements

Measure the width and height of the place you’re going to put your wine rack.

4. Build face frame

Cut the poplar to 1-1/2 inch thick pieces using a table saw. Trim the pieces according to the measurements of the wine rack location. Secure the face frame pieces together using a pocket jig.

5. Build the body

Cut plywood into four pieces following the face frame measurements and reduce the body’s overall size by 1/8 inch. Using a clamp and wood glue, secure the pieces together and screw them in place. Fasten the face frame and the body using a pocket jig.

6. Construct shelves

On a piece of 1-by-4 poplar; mark openings using the base of a standard (750ml) bottle. Work from the centre out. To make bigger openings, you can use a magnum sized bottle.

Drill out holes using a hole saw. The saw’s bit should be slightly larger than the bottle’s base. Follow the same procedure to mark and drill holes on another 1×4 poplar board. This time around, use the neck of a wine bottle and a smaller bit.

Using the table saw, slice the polar board into two equal pieces. With a 1⁄2 inch round over bit, rout the shelf opening edges.

7. Assemble pieces

Drive wood screws into the shelves (through the unit’s sides) to attach the shelves. Make sure the shelves are of the same size and evenly spaced. Also, the shelf’s back should be slightly higher than the shelf’s front.

Onto the unit’s back, nail a piece of plywood. Next, stain or paint the unit. Finally, mount the wine rack to the wall studs using wood screws.

After all the elbow grease, you’ll get a stylish wine rack that suits your personal preferences and home’s ambience at half the cost.

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DIY Building A Wine Rack