5 Tips For When Building A New House

Building a house from scratch can be both a rewarding and exasperating experience. Every choice you make and action you take can make or break the project. Going into the process with a solid plan and with your eyes open can save you heartaches and headaches along the way. Doing things irrationally can make the process gruelling and stressful. Follow this guideline for a pain-free home building process.

Plan ahead

Planning is an essential part of the building process. Make sure you plan the details of your new house. These include the layout of the rooms, type of lighting, number of power points and house facing direction. Use online tools to draft the design of your house. Sites like RoomSketcher and FloorPlanner let you create self-styled floor plans. When in doubt, sketch on a graph paper. Look at design ideas for inspiration, and show your builder pics of the designs you want to emulate once construction begins.

Budget upfront

Construction may cost more than you expect. Keep in mind that the quote your builder processes may not be accurate. Some items might be left out. For instance, the builder may exclude costs such as window coverings, gas and electricity meters or NBN hookups. Items such as fences, gates, outdoor concreting, letterboxes, decking and landscaping may also be excluded in the estimate. These costs can amount to 20-25% of your budget. Take into account planning application fees and site preparation costs, and budget for unexpected circumstances.

Hire a builder

There are a number of factors you should consider when selecting a builder. For starters, make sure the builder is licensed and insured and is a member of a professional organisation. Check the builder’s past work, and ask for references to see if previous customers were satisfied. Since you’ll be working with the builder for months, ensure they communicate well and you’re comfortable with them. Before checking on price, make sure the builder’s building style and workmanship are impeccable. Just look at some of their finished and unfinished homes to get the picture. A great builder in Adelaide is Kookaburra Homes.

Understand the agreement

Don’t sign the contract if you don’t understand its contents. Read the entire contract before sealing the deal. Make sure everything is included, from construction costs, time specifications, insurance information, payment schedule, detailed plans to warranty schemes. If something is missing out or not clear, consult the builder. If possible, ask an attorney to look over the agreement. Also, cross out blank spaces and document changes to the contract. Everything in the contract should be mutually agreed upon to prevent disputes in the future.

Communicate constantly

Communication during the process is essential. Be in touch with your tradesmen, builder and contractor. Check in on the construction progress and get regular updates. Taking pictures as the project advances is a good idea since you can document problem areas. With good communication, you’ll be able to avoid arguments and unforeseen challenges during the project. Don’t be easily swayed. If the builder tells you something that isn’t feasible, push back. Be decisive when it comes to costs and timelines.

5 Tips For When Building A New House