Saturday, 14 April 2012

Stimulating science learning apps

Learning is so engaging with science apps like these two examples:
There’s No Place Like Space!: All About Our Solar System
                                       Currently $3.99
New features introduced in this omBook include animated objects, an instant glossary and interactive learning games.
To promote reading in young children, individual words are highlighted as the story is read and words zoom up when pictures are touched.
iPhone Screenshot 3

  •  "Read to Me" — listen to the narrated story with words highlighted as they are read. still allowing you to explore the interactiveness.
  • "Read it Myself" — read the book in its traditional form and explore the interactive qualities.

Additional Features:
★ Picture / Word association — words zoom up and are spoken when pictures are touched
★ Tap on glossary words throughout the story and learn their meaning
★ Interact with the animated objects on each page
★ Professional audio narration
★ Custom background audio for each scene
★ This 'Universal App' is optimized for Retina displays and the iPad
★ Pages pan & zoom to accentuate the original artwork

BOBO Explores Light -Bobo is a cute little robot that guides readers through

every one of the 100 + pages on an adventure with plenty of facts, videos and demonstrations to play with and explore.
Currently $4.99 but really worth it. Developed by 
                       Game Collage, LLC

TOPICs explored include:
Space Flight                    Solar System                        Lightning
Fire                                Thomas Edison                     Lasers
Reflection                       Refraction                           Telescopes
Color                              The Human Eye                    Glow in the Dark
Bioluminescence              Photosynthesis                     Sunset

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