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ABC Radio and TV – Education News and Stories    March 2012
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1 March 2012
Finland is consistently at the top of international school tests. So what's the secret of their success?

The Gonski Review recommends a fundamental change to the way schools should be funded. The review argues that schools need a 5 billion dollar top-up directed to schools with the greatest need. Natasha Mitchell talks with parent representatives of the three school systems.

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In January this year, Minister for Tertiary Education Chris Evans introduced a demand driven system to Australia’s university funding model. The government now provides funds based on the number of undergraduate students who enrol in a university. What happens when the logic of markets are made central to higher education? And does the move to demand based funding necessarily spell the end of the idea of university as we know it?

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We’re encouraged to read to children as early as possible but how can we encourage the early learning of mathematics? Maths educator Robert Huntley believes parents can provide opportunities to explore concepts and build a positive attitude before children start school.

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As a parent or carer, is helping a teenager with their homework cheating, or helping to keep options open?

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A dynamic school principal can really lift the quality of a school. But is it getting harder to do the job? According to a new survey, school principals are experiencing increased physical violence and threats. At the same time, principals are under pressure to manage school budgets, hire and fire teachers, be curriculum leaders and maintain academic standards. As baby boomer principals leave the profession in the next few years, will the next generation step up, or decide there’s too much work and not enough money in the job of school principal?
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Gemma Sisia started the School of St Jude, Tanzania with just a block of dirt and a talent for persuasion. Ten years on the school educates over 1,500 students, has 200 teachers and is celebrating its tenth birthday. We celebrate their story with deputy director Kim Saville.
Radio National
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Dr Glyn Davis, vice chancellor of the University of Melbourne, was at the National Press Club earlier this week introducing a broad audience to the new reality for Australian universities—higher educational institutions that now operate in an entirely open market but a market in which the only regulated component is the fees they charge.

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Historian Marilyn Lake is concerned by the drop-off in interest, and thereby enrolments, among students wanting to study Australian history at university level.
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Three parents have commenced a legal action against the Victorian Department of Education. The trio are arguing that religion classes in state primary schools discriminate against their children, who have 'opted out' of these half-hour weekly classes
March 30, 2012
Parramatta Marist High in Sydney's west is finding success with project based learning that has students working collaboratively.

1st March 2012
Teach for Australia is designed to put extra teachers in disadvantaged schools, but it's extremely expensive - almost half of its recruits have dropped out after two years and critics say six weeks is simply not long enough to train a teacher.

5 March  2012 
A survey released today by the Primary Industries Education Foundation shows that student and teacher knowledge related to food and fibre production has declined to worrying levels.

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