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Great for pre-school and for Kindies:-

THE first 3 are brought to you by Frubeez. No more appear to be available at this stage:
Hannah loves hats! 
The more bizarre, the better! This is another frubeez interactive story book with rhyme, simple animations and lots of 'H' sounding words. Children can choose to listen to the story (and hannah's voice) by touching the words and images on each page. 

- Read-to-me function on each page
- Narrated: female (UK English)
- Animated images on touch
- Page turn with sound
- Vibrant and colourful illustrations to stimulate young minds
- Character sound effects on touch
- Use of alliteration and repetition to encourage early learning

Treetop Ted 
Treetop Ted is an interactive story book with rhyme, simple animations and lots of 'T' sounding words. The story has a repetitive style about it which is great for early learners. The words 'itchy, twitchy, scritchy, scratchy' pop out on touch. You will see Treetop Ted's eyes roll around and hear his voice say things like ... "what is that noise?" and "good grief!" Children can choose to listen to the story by touching the words on each page or you can read it to them which is much more fun!
iPad Screenshot 1

- Read-to-me function on each page
- Narrated (Australian English)
- Animated images on touch
- Page turn with sound
- Vibrant and colourful illustrations to stimulate young minds
- Character sound effects on touch
- Use of alliteration and repetition to encourage early learning

The Emomoes - a silly interactive story book with rhyme and featuring the letter "e" with lots of Emomoes doing what Emomoes do!
iPad Screenshot 5

- Read-to-me function on each page
- Animated characters on touch
- Narrated (Australian English - child)
- Page turn with sound
- Vibrant and colourful illustrations

Word Walk: Short O Phonics- Very likeable-Watch out for the rest of the series.

Encourage your child to build reading and phonics skills with the Word Walk series of interactive e-book apps for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The Word Walk series was created by a mom who wanted to create quality apps to help teach her own preschooler to read.

Toddler-tested, parent-approved – this app also promotes reading in young children with picture-word association. When your child touches our illustrations, descriptive words appear and are spoken.
iPhone Screenshot 3

Learning vowel sounds and sight words are important steps to early reading. Join our main character, Jake, as he takes his daily walk and encounters new friends and experiences that repeat the “short o” vowel sound. Meet a happy frog in the bog, and more. This book also incorporates many frequently-used sight words to help kids gain confidence reading.

Builds reading and phonics skills: vowel sounds, sight words, picture-word association
Created by the parents of an app-loving preschooler
Tested by kids
3 modes: Autoplay (Plays like a movie with automatic narration and page turns), Read to Me (Automatic narration and manual page turns), Read Myself (Manual narration and page turns)
Interactive elements: when you tap on pictures, words appear and are spoken
Whimsical illustrations
Audio narration
Background audio

Peekaboo Dinosaur   For young ones.
Read the story, or click "read to me" and touch the pictures to find hidden dinosaurs!
Beautiful, original artwork with vibrant colors and memorable characters.
iPad Screenshot 4
Peekaboo Dinosaur is an animated, interactive storybook written for children and their parents. Simply open the app, touch the Start button, and you and your child will be whisked away into a land where dinosaurs roam, play, and hide. You’ll meet a cute Tyrannosaurus Rex, a shy Triceratops and plenty of other familiar dinosaurs as you adventure through this vibrant animated world. All you have to do is touch the screen to trigger fun animations and hidden secrets.

Can you find all of the treasures tucked within this book’s pages?
Peekaboo Dinosaur has a number of unique features:
✔ Gorgeous original artwork
✔ A fun, easy to read story
✔ Multiple interactions per page
✔ Two different reading modes
✔ Simple “swipe-to-turn” interface

Picture Book of Cars 
For the young pre-schoolers and the young kinders who love cars and are new to iPads.

Picture Book of Cars is an entertaining and pedagogic app where children will learn the name of our most common vehicles. In text, sound and images twenty different cars and vehicles are presented. The app is easy to use, but harder to get bored of! 

There are 20 unique illustrations of different cars and vehicles, from police car to ice-cream van and four different scenery pictures such as “The city” and “The construction yard” where several vehicles are presented together. It’s a fun game to find all the vehicles!

Chimps Should Be Chimps is a FREE iPad interactive storybook presented by Lincoln Park Zoo’s Project ChimpCARE and Manning Productions. Check out the trailer and behind-the-scenes videos at

Meet Poe and Lulu, the zoo’s oldest chimp and his granddaughter. Curious Lulu knows Poe didn’t always live in the zoo -- what was life like when he was a tyke? As Poe traces his history, he reveals the hidden hardships of his childhood in entertainment and shares the joy he finds in his new home. The story celebrates the delights of swinging, climbing trees, being with family, and following Poe’s motto: above all, chimps should be chimps.
Features include:
⋆ Explore 16 vibrant, full-page illustrations and a rich, rhyming story
⋆ Tap to uncover secret surprises and sound effects
⋆ Collect all ten Chimp Facts hidden inside the zoo
⋆ Jump straight to your favorite scene from the “Pick a Page” menu
⋆ View the full collection of Chimp Facts at a glance
⋆ Learn more about Project ChimpCARE and the story’s background in “About the App”

“The inspiration from the book came from trying to talk to my own kids about chimpanzees. The story aims to relate how chimpanzees deserve to be free from these antiquated practices of being dressed up for human amusement. But perhaps just as importantly, it conveys to kids the importance of being yourself and believing in what comes naturally to you.”  Steve Ross, Director of Project ChimpCARE  

Read aloud- shared experience.  No read to mode at present.
For more information including 3 videos visit Chimps Should be Chimps

Jack and the Beanstalk by Mindshapes

Each page of this app is highly immersive, with tasks that kids can complete to progress the story, including:
* Swiping and tapping the cloud to generate rain in order to see the beanstalk grow overnight
* Gathering the plates into the sink to create bubbles that can then be popped with a screen tap

The classic fairy tale is re-interpreted through beautifully crafted animation, injected with cheeky humour and produced by Mindshapes’ award-winning design and animation team. The challenges and interactions have been overseen by Mindshapes’ educational consultants to develop a range of skills through play:

* Developing fine motor skills: children can use the accelerometer to control the flight of Jack up and down the beanstalk
* Language development: the app gives parents the option to select either “Read by Myself” or “Read to Me”, highlighting the words being read to help the emerging reader
* Understand basic physics: children can play with the magic beans and bounce them around the screen, colliding and falling in accordance with gravity and the orientation of the iPad

Meet Biscuit introduces the world’s most adorable puppy, a longtime family favorite with over 16 million copies in print, and tells the story of how Biscuit got his name.
It includes activities such as a digital coloring book, memory game and puzzle that are perfect for little fingers. 
iPhone Screenshot 1

Author Alyssa Satin Capucilli and illustrator Pat Schories bring the well loved Biscuit The Little Yellow Puppy to life in this wonderful and popular book. Join Biscuit as he plays with the Little Girl and chooses his name.

Features include:
• Improve reading comprehension by selecting between two narration options: “Read to Me” or “Read to Myself”.
•Reinforce cause-and-effect with silly animations and humorous sounds throughout.
• Enhance pre-reading skills with a fun memory game, which encourages young readers to match pairs of characters.
• Promote creative thinking with the fantastic coloring book—the color-in-the-lines mode is perfect for little fingers, and the art can be shared with friends.
• Bonus: There are hidden balls on every page. See how excited Biscuit gets when you find them all!


Curious George at the Zoo for iPad
By Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

George has been asked to help out at the zoo. George needs your child’s help to wake, clean and feed the animals.
Features and benefits:
Pop-up Menu
• Explore the zoo using a beautiful, interactive 3D Pop-up menu.
• Listen to lively audio narration by the Man in the Yellow Hat.

Animal Enclosure
• Visit animals in their individual zoo enclosures.
• Wake up the animals by patting, rocking and talking to them
• Learn what foods the animals like to eat, as well as finding out what they don’t like!
• Collect fun stickers for completing tasks. You can use the stickers to create pictures in the sticker album.
• Develop hand-eye coordination by dragging, tapping, rubbing and more.
iPad Screenshot 5Video
Watch movies of each animal in its natural habitat.
• Learn fun and interesting facts about the animals from the Man in the Yellow Hat
• Each region comes with a super game to play to reinforce and extend learning across a number of core areas including
Memory skills
• Sorting ability
• Reasoning skills
• Collect stickers when you play each game.

Funny Alphabet
This funny interactive learning game features original phonetics, animation, and pictures that come to life. 

iPad Screenshot 2

Designed from the ground up for the iPad’s large screen.
Original voices, animations, and sound effects are designed to be engaging and to stimulate learning.
Several pictures per letter.

Jigsaw Puzzle with Whales and Sharks
In Jigsaw Puzzle with Whales and Sharks you will practice your logic skills and learn the names of the world’s sea giants, from the enormous blue whale to the dangerous great white shark. To use the jigsaw puzzle app is easy, to get bored of it is more difficult! Suitable for kids from 2 years.
iPhone Screenshot 4

Jigsaw Puzzle with whales and sharks offers:
* Eight fascinating jigsaw puzzles: blue whale, humpback whale, killer whale, sperm whale, dolphin, blue shark, great white shark, and manta (ray-fish).
* A simple and obvious interface makes the app easy for everyone to use.
* Ability to choose between an easy, intermediate and difficult level.

The Land of Me: Storytime (BAFTA-nominated)
 create-your-own-story adventure from Ladybird Books
iPad Screenshot 4

★ Create your own stories by choosing the hero, the theme and how it ends then see it come alive before your eyes! 
★ Change the words to instantly alter the storyline as it plays out in front of you
★ Designed by child development experts for young children to explore their creativity
★ On-screen hints offering endless ideas for discussion and things to do
★ Listen as Granny Olive, a turtle of indeterminable age, tells tales about wolves, bravery and things that go bump in the night!

Bita's Magic Circus
A fantastic story about a Magic Circus and its artists with special powers: from a juggler who can fly up to a clown who dismantles every time he sneezes. Every child will love to have fun, interact with characters and enter the magical world of the circus. 

The application also includes narration and subtitles which facilitates the usage for children. 
iPad Screenshot 3

Discover the adventures of Bita and her troupe and draw your own conclusions. 
- English narrated; 
- Simple interface to use, click the character you want and interact with it; 
- Innovative design; 
- Catchy music; 
- Interactive animations; 
- Stimulates children's reading and creativity; 

Goodnight Safari  For pre-schoolers or kindies without much reading experience.
iPhone Screenshot 1

Goodnight Safari is a bedtime routine support app for children.  
 Simple vocabulary and intuitive interactivity will engage young children while building their comfort with nighttime preparations.

☆ Children help the African animals prepare for bedtime through interactive scenes. 
☆ Beautiful original artwork by Luciana Navarro Powell invites curious fingers, bringing the African savanna to life in the hands of your child. 
☆ Read along and read alone settings allow children to build early literacy skills or follow along to discover safari animal favorites - from striped zebras to golden lions.
☆ "Pick-a-Page" menu allows you to skip ahead to your favorite scene, or play the same scene over and over again!
iPhone Screenshot 4

GREAT VALUE but NOT free!! FROM $9.99 to $1.99
Great News! handPaint Superpack will be on sale 4/13-16th for Moms With Apps' App Friday promo! Don't miss out on this HUGE discount!

New & improved drawing tools for version 3.0 update: 
Magic Brush
Neon Marker
Sketch Pen 
Magic Pencil 

Get the ENTIRE set of handPaint sketch books, eight in total, for one low price. "handPaint SuperPack" contains the following sets: Safari, Cute Animals, Cars, Under the Sea, Scribble Heads, Construction Equipment, African Silhouettes, and Backgrounds. With safari, farm, sea, and urban motifs, as well as various landscapes and backgrounds, you can paint a masterpiece. 
iPhone Screenshot 1
- Magic Brush lets users simply paint to reveal the selected sketch book page in full color 
- Neon Marker lets you outline the selected subject's shape with a unique multicolored stencil effect
- Sketch Pen allows users to trace the subject in a fountain pen style outline effect
- Magic Pencil allows you to simply sketch to reveal the selected sketch book page in a pencil shaded drawing
- Palette allows artists to use their finger to select and mix custom colors for use in their artwork
- Eraser enables users to erase a little or start a new canvas by utilizing the "Page Curl" to flip to a fresh page 
- Camera saves your artwork 
- Use the Artwork Photo to resume sketching your saved masterpiece or change the canvas background 

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