Sunday, 25 March 2012

Save valuable time on student feedback!

I am excited about the potential of this differentiated grammar tool,
I signed up this morning and checked it out. I am unsure about costs at this stage. I have emailed to find out what the plan is. WONDERFUL response-I have heard back very promptly and at this stage it is FREE for this year. No better time to check it out!!

When you sign up for free (at this stage) you get access to the: 

Teacher Dashboard

What Teachers Can Do On           Logo

1) Create a class
As soon as you create a class you will receive a message like this:
"Class created successfully! The next step is to have your students join this class. Tell them to enter the class invitation code "xxxxxxxxx" when they create their accounts on This number will always be listed under your "Class Management" page."

2) Create a quiz.
"One feature that your students will love aboutnoredink is that it generates their quiz sentences using their favorite celebrities, interests, and personal friends. Before you create a quiz, pick some names yourself so that you can preview the quiz and take it yourself in "Student Mode."
Screenshots of the choices.

 You can also choose to include some family, friends and pets names if you wish.

Screenshot of the create a quiz page.
There are plenty of options for the teacher to decide on in setting up their quizzes. There are also many areas of grammar to choose from when creating your quiz. 
Here is a screenshot of the first question in the quiz I created above:

Screenshot of the preview of the quiz.
Amusing that the first question is about a librarian!! 

Screenshot of the answer key. 
Interesting that they have used red ink for the errors!! 
Screenshot of Selection of features in the Quiz section.

Screenshot of student mode for teachers. 
I like this feature. Love that the answers are there for teachers convenience!!
3) View student progress
4) Enter "student mode"
5) Leave a testimonial

Logo plans to introduce the below features soon:

  • Teachers will soon be able to create specific Assignments for students and classes
  • We'll soon be adding an extensive grammar category for Commonly Confused Words.
  • If you want to know more email them @

 Are you into grammar? Looking for something new to work on? 
NoRedInk is looking for contributors and people to join their team:

I would love to see this kind of product integrated into Stu Hasic's  Student Response System. (SRN) I I believe the kids and staff would really be excited about its use as an assessment tool, as well as a differentiated learning tool.

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