Monday, 27 February 2012

New teachers need support.

These web resources may be of help to any new teachers out there starting their adventure!!

During discussions on yammer some of the teachers were concerned about ways to help new teachers coming on to their staff. After some discussion and reflection I decided to compile the web resources that were suggested. I chose to created them in a  livebinder: New Teachers Survival Guide  
                                                            LiveBinders Beta Livebinder tutorials are available if you are  interested in learning how to use this great curating tool.

Recently I came across Discovery Education which has a great site for new teachers. The New Teacher Survival Central has lots of great resources for new teachers (and not so new teachers) on technology, parent communication, classroom management, lesson plan resources, and much more.New Teacher

There are tutorials and training resources that will help new teachers adapt to their new career. The Survival Tool Kit has a best of the web section with links to great web sites for educators.
 I have added these to the New Teachers Survival Guide livebinder. 
New Teacher
To all new teachers out there: ENJOY and please ask for help if you need it! 

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